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BEYOND HC LLC selected to HITRUST Assessor Council

HITRUST has appointed BEYOND HC LLC to serve as a member of the HITRUST Assessor Council. HITRUST made this appointment after an open and extensive selection process.  The HITRUST External Assessors Council is a group of selected individuals from External Assessor Organizations that meet with HITRUST periodically to discuss the current landscape of HITRUST programs, strategize solutions for shared challenges, and provide direct feedback and suggestions to the HITRUST Leadership Team.  HITRUST is continuously involved in collaboration and communication with industry leaders.  As such, HITRUST draws upon the expertise of the Assessor Council to help enhance its programs, services, and initiatives to ensure they are serving the information security and privacy needs of many industries including healthcare, financial, technology, and manufacturing. The Assessor Council is an ongoing group of experts selected for a two-year term who convene on a rotating basis for consultation, deliberation, or advice on various security and privacy programs, issues, or other areas of interest including HITRUST, information security, and information technology.

Ms. Nigh released the following statement regarding BEYOND’s appointment: “I am honored and privileged to have been appointed along with BEYOND senior leadership to serve on the HITRUST External Assessors Council. I would like to express my gratitude to HITRUST for this opportunity.  BEYOND is committed to working with HITRUST and continuing to build on our strong relationship.”

Background Information

Cathlynn Nigh is the CEO/Founder of BEYOND HC LLC. BEYOND is an SBA woman-owned business with a focus on creating programs specialized to each of its clients and their goal of obtaining a HITRUST certification. BEYOND works with all sizes of companies from startups to established organizations to help companies innovate, transform, and obtain success in achieving their information security objectives.