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The most rigorous and successful approach to obtaining your Information Security Goals

As the leading HITRUST CSF Assessor Organization, BEYOND HC LLC brings together its experience and knowledge with the HITRUST CSF methodology to streamline and accelerate the certification process. With a risk management approach to AI, HITRUST and BEYOND are working to utilize AI as an integral part of the certification procedure. Our approach embraces the certification requirements and protocols defined by HITRUST while formalizing a program that overcomes the intricacies and challenges of a complex process. Becoming HITRUST Certified whether it be the e1, i1 or r2 should not be a burden on your team or your budget. At BEYOND, we will walk with you through the process, and provide the assistance as required by you and your team. The BEYOND business model is a proven approach that results in 100% success. We look forward to working with you and your team.

The BEYOND HC LLC Difference

Established project management // All Team Members CCSFP // Phased approach that reduces cost, time and complexities
Pre-determined quality assurance checkpoints that safeguards the prospect for on-time certification
Assessment program that harmonizes similar control objectives // Continuous status reporting through the HITRUST journey
Award Winning Assessor Organization // HITRUST Accelerator Bundle on AWS Marketplace


Phase 1 – Readiness Assessment
(Learn what needs to be fixed)

A point-in-time review to determine if your company is ready to complete Validated Assessment for the HITRUST e1, i1, or r2 certification. BEYOND will work with you to identify gaps within your existing environment that could prevent a HITRUST certification and provide a detailed report that includes recommendations, guidance, and timeline for developing your Information security program.

Phase 2 – CIO Security Services | “GAP Remediation”
(Now you know…let’s fix it)

This phase is based on the Readiness Assessment results (see Phase 1) and the work that needs to be corrected, created and/or implemented prior to conducting the HITRUST Validated Assessment. The overall goal is to remediate the Gaps to allow for a seamless and successful HITRUST Validation.

Phase 3 – e1, i1 or r2 Validated Assessment | Bridge Assessment
(Let’s get certified)

The BEYOND validation team (all CCSFP certified) will help your organization navigate the HITRUST e1, i1, or r2 Validation process. BEYOND builds each assessment program to serve the unique needs and scoped environment of your organization. Through carefully outlined steps, BEYOND will conduct the assessment using our expertise and knowledge of HITRUST to obtain your goal of certification.

Phase 4 – Interim Assessment | ISP Maturity | i1 Rapid Recertification
(Maintaining the certification)

This phase is the mid-review and maintenance that takes place within a year after the HITRUST Certification is received. There are different steps for the i1 or the r2, and BEYOND can lead you to continued success no matter which validation you obtained.

What is new with BEYOND

BEYOND HC LLC Wins 2024 TITAN Award                                                  BEYOND has won the 2024 Silver Award in the category of Company of the Year – Information Technology at the TITAN Women In Business Awards! BEYOND is being honored for our remarkable accomplishments in the vast business industry. The competition aims to build a platform that stimulates the growth of female communities while rewarding their benchmarks with honor and prestige.

Introducing HITRUST’s 2024 Trust Report: A Milestone in Information Assurance
HITRUST released its inaugural HITRUST 2024 Trust Report. The Report is a testament to HITRUST’s collective commitment to advancing trust and security of the CSF for information assurance across various industries. The report offers measurable results from the HITRUST framework as it relates to information risk management. The report details HITRUST continuous innovations in managing and mitigating information risks, significantly strengthening the reliability of the HITRUST Assurance Program. Reach out to your BEYOND team member to learn more about HITRUST and this new report.

HITRUST released v11.3.0 of the HITRUST Framework
HITRUST has launched CSF v11.3.0 to enhance its industry-leading security framework. This version will include the addition of authoritative sources; aligning e1, i1 and i1 Rapid Recert assessments with the updated framework; as well as ensuring organizations benefit from the latest cybersecurity and compliance advancements. Existing assessments under v11.2.0 can still proceed, providing flexibility and continuity for ongoing certification efforts.

HITRUST CSF e1, i1 and r2…here are the details
The HITRUST e1 certification provides an entry into the HITRUST certification stage. For our clients with a low security risk, this certification can provide a solid security program. For our clients that require more, the e1 can be the first of many certifications to obtain…a stepping stone to the i1 and r2 certifications.

The HITRUST i1 Validated Assessment leverages a proven set of 182 Assessment requirement statements from the CSF v11 library. The i1 Assessment provides reliable assurances against current and emerging cyber threats to help implement a strong and broad cybersecurity program. The i1 can also be used as a foundation in obtaining the r2 certification.

The HITRUST r2 Validated Assessment demonstrates that an organization is taking the most proactive “expanded practices” approach to data protection and information risk mitigation. This top tier HITRUST certification demonstrates a high level information security program and adherence to the industry’s tough security standards.


BEYOND HC LLC is an SBA woman-owned business with a focus to create programs specialized to each of our clients goals. We work with all size companies from startups to established organizations. Our purpose is to help your company innovate, transform and obtain success in achieving your information security objectives. BEYOND HC LLC is first and foremost a HITRUST Assessor Organization. This specialization offers clients the kind of expertise and attention that streamlines the process and delivers cost and time efficient solutions for your company.

We are a team of IT, IS and HITRUST professionals with over 30 years of experience in risk, audit, information security and regulatory administration. The BEYOND team are all CCSFP Practitioners who focus includes:

  • e1, i1, and r2 HITRUST Readiness Review
  • GAP Remediation
  • Policy | Procedure Documentation
  • vCISO | Security Advisory Services
  • e1, i1, and r2 HITRUST Validated Assessments
  • i1 Rapid Recertification Assessment
  • r2 Interim Assessment
Giving back to our community

BEYOND HC LLC believes strongly in the importance of community service.  Such efforts build strong bonds and connect us to the community creating a better environment.

BEYOND HC LLC donates towards the clean up of the HCLA entrance.
BEYOND HC LLC is a benefactor to Clearbrook Shining Star Ball.
BEYOND HC LLC is the sponsor for the 2023 HCLA Evening Under the Stars.
BEYOND HC LLC wins 2023 Stevie Award for Company of the Year - Business Services.
Upcoming | Recent Events

HITRUST Collaborate – Frisco, TX
October 1 – 3, 2024                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BEYOND will be in attendance at HIMSS 2024 to discuss the new HITRUST certification offerings with assessment levels geared toward low, moderate and high security assurance: e1, i1 and r2, respectively. Learn all about the HITRUST assessments and how BEYOND can assist in your success.


BEYOND HC LLC is the recipient of a 2024 TITAN Silver Award

2024 TITAN Women in Business Awards  (Orlando, Florida, 04/05/2024) - The International Awards Associate (IAA),…

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BEYOND HC LLC selected to HITRUST Assessor Council

HITRUST has appointed BEYOND HC LLC to serve as a member of the HITRUST Assessor…

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HITRUST Accelerator offering in AWS Marketplace

Cloudticity and BEYOND HC LLC announce HITRUST Accelerator offering available in AWS Marketplace Seattle, WA,…

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The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) was born out of the belief that information security should be a core pillar of, rather than an obstacle to, the broad adoption of health information systems and exchanges.

HITRUST, in collaboration with healthcare, business, technology and information security leaders, has established the HITRUST CSF, a certifiable framework that can be used by any and all organizations that create, access, store or exchange personal health and financial information.

The CSF is an information security framework that harmonizes the requirements of existing standards and regulations, including federal (HIPAA, HITECH), third party (PCI, COBIT) and government (NIST, FTC). As a framework, the CSF provides organizations with the needed structure, detail and clarity relating to information security tailored to the healthcare industry.

Whether your organization deals directly or indirectly with the health care industry, HITRUST certification is good for your business:

  • Helps you manage regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Opens access to prospective clients who require their vendors to be HITRUST Certified
  • Once in place, certification can be renewed, budgeted and managed

Download #1 – Audit Once Use Many

We need a new way to drive consistency on how to identify risks and controls, how to conduct assessment in an efficient way, how to leverage the outputs and finally what should be communicated to stakeholders and third-party partners. We call this idea smart…using results for many purposes from one undertaking.


Download #2 – Understanding Assurance Mechanisms for Data Security and Trust

Discover the importance of adopting a widely accepted assurance mechanism to establish trust, differentiate between the mechanisms available for organizations across industries, and learn how earning a HITRUST certification through BEYOND HC LLC provides a superior level of assurance.

    Fill in your information below and select which download you would like to receive.

    PHASE 1: BEYOND Readiness Assessment

    BEYOND will identify gaps in your existing environment that could prevent HITRUST certification. BEYOND will provide detailed information on the findings, recommendations, strategy, and timeline for developing your Information Security Program “ISP” to meet the current HITRUST framework.

    A readiness assessment is an essential part of any organizational change management program and should be completed before you launch technical implementation and update or recreate your documentation.

    • Determine the scope of the assessment.
    • Questionnaire / Interviews are completed.
    • Constant contact – frequent communication / status meetings throughout.
    • BEYOND will review, conduct analysis and develop a working draft report.
    • BEYOND will review findings and draft report with the client.

    PHASE 2: Security Services | GAP Remediation

    Let’s put BEYOND’s executive leadership and security knowledge to work for your organization.  Our security services offer you access to a team of professionals that provide the required subject matter expertise to help you strengthen your “ISP”.

    As a team we can develop your security program.  We will quickly work with you to gain knowledge and build a strategy on addressing your security gaps.  With our vast knowledge of the security environment, we will go to work to solve these problems for you with results that you can rely on.

    This work can include:

    • Implementation of products / managed services
    • Internal processes such as BC/DR Plan | Data Classification | Incident Response | IT Vendor Management | Risk Management | Teleworking (WFH) | vCISO Services
    • The creation of necessary documents (Policy / Procedure Guides) that are written to communicate each step clearly and developed to meet your compliance needs.

    PHASE 3: Validated Assessment | Bridge Assessment

    • Team introductions | assignments | status meetings.
    • Pre-Validation Meetings
      • PreAssessment Checklist Meeting
      • Population | Evidence Review Meeting
    • Validation Testing – evaluation of the level of security compliance to the required HITRUST controls associated with the Client control environment by reviewing documentation, interviewing key stakeholders and testing to validate the controls are implemented.
    • QA | Submission of evidence to HITRUST.
    • Work with HITRUST during the QA process.
    • Review HITRUST findings | report with Client.
    • Final Validation Review Document
      • Process Improvements

    PHASE 4: Interim Assessment | ISP Maturity | i1 Rapid Recertification

    i1 only: The Rapid Recertification for the i1 assessments provides an accelerated way to recertify. The Rapid Recertification allows Assessed Entities and their External Assessors to evaluate a sample of requirement statements that were scored in the original i1 Assessment. Upon successfully demonstrating that the control environment has not materially degraded, the Assessed Entity is permitted to roll forward scores from their certified i1 Assessment for the remaining requirement statements – thus reducing the amount of testing required to complete the assessment.

    R2 only: The Interim Assessment follows the same guidance as the Validated Assessment, with a reduced number of requirements. Leading up to the Interim Assessment, The BEYOND Security Team will work with you to ensure you are ready for the Interim Assessment.

    • Policy | Procedure Documentation maintained and updated
    • CAPS (if applicable) addressed
    • Continued maturity of your ISP
    • The mid-certification review will then be conducted by the BEYOND Validation Team and follows the same process as the Validated Assessment (see Phase 3 Validated Assessment).
    Years of Healthcare Experience
    Companies Helped
    in the Industry