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Understanding Assurance Mechanisms for Data Security and Trust

BEYOND HC LLC & HITRUST Portfolio Education Program – Understanding Assurance Mechanisms for Data Security & Trust

Chicago Illinois, Orlando FL, Denver CO, Indianapolis, IN; June 14, 2023

As the leading HITRUST Assessor organization, BEYOND HC LLC was selected as one of the five HITRUST Assessor Organizations to participate in the HITRUST Portfolio Education Program. This program was created by HITRUST Alliance to raise awareness of the expanded HITRUST Assessment Portfolio and how becoming HITRUST certified can help enable a robust cybersecurity posture. HITRUST Alliance, with assistance from BEYOND HC LLC, has released a whitepaper titled – Understanding Assurance Mechanisms for Data Security and Trust. This whitepaper has been released in correlation with a webinar that will be held on June 29, 2023. The whitepaper and webinar will highlight the importance of organizations in data-driven industries demonstrating their ability to safeguard sensitive data effectively. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and with the rise of cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks, companies are requiring a high level of data security internally and among business partners. By reviewing the whitepaper and watching the webinar, companies will discover the importance of adopting a widely accepted assurance mechanism to establish trust, differentiate between the mechanisms available for organizations across industries, and learn how earning a HITRUST certification through BEYOND HC LLC provides a superior level of assurance to its leading competitors.

BEYOND HC LLC is a woman-owned and operated consulting firm that is specific to performing HITRUST Assessment work by providing our clients with a personalized “one-to-one”  approach to the highest level of service and quality.

BEYOND has offices in Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, and Indianapolis.