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Executive Vice President Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Mr. Biondo is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for BEYOND HC LLC. Ray is a senior IT executive with over 30 years of experience in the specialized field of Information Technology. He has led application development teams, infrastructure teams, and most recently an information security team with over more than 150 IT professionals. As CIO, CISO and SVP, he’s worked in the insurance/reinsurance, healthcare payer and provider, financial and transportation industries.

While maintaining a strong focus on technology and operations, Mr. Biondo envisions IT/IS as an engine of innovation and value creator for business. Some innovation examples that have come to light under Mr. Biondo’s leadership include the first non-mainframe project management system, first automated surety bond management system, and risk-based IT security framework/strategy within one of the largest healthcare payer networks. Known for a collaborative and communicative leadership style, Mr. Biondo has the ability to recognize, nurture, and retain top talent.

Mr. Biondo has been awarded by many industry groups for creating business value and championing IT innovation. As a strongly credible source, he’s frequently interviewed by such periodicals as Information Week, Crain’s, and CSO Magazine.

Professional Affiliations
– Board Member, Lurie Children’s Hospital Legal Affairs Committee, Chicago
– eHealth Initiative Leadership Council, Washington DC

Formerly a member of:
– Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Cyber Security sub-committee to the Board, Chicago
– AHIP Cyber Security sub-committee to the Board, Washington DC
– HITRUST Executive Board, Dallas
– Electronic Crimes Task Force Member, Chicago
– IBM Security Advisory Board, Chicago
– Cisco Customer Advisory Board, Chicago