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Ray Biondo invited to present at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)

Ray Biondo, CISO of BEYOND HC LLC was invited by BDO and Kilpatrick Townsend to present at the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Fall Conference in Arlington, Virginia.  Biondo provided a CISO perspective on Cybersecurity Incident Response.

His presentation was focused on the following topics:

  1. Lessons Learned Along the Way
  • Things will happen when least expected
  • Be Prepared
  • Respond appropriately
  • Engage the right people in your organization
  • Communicate
  1. Must Haves
  • Incident Response Strategy
  • Tactical Plans to respond to multiple incidents
  • Develop a corporate communication plan
  • Identify and document Post Breach activities (class Action Law Suits, etc.)
  1. Communicate
  • Information Security/Technology, Privacy Office and Legal must be tied the hip when developing plans and responding to incidents
  • A Crisis Management Plan should be developed… create multi-disciplined response teams
  • Legal plays a critical role by advising corporate leadership on how to respond to the event
  1. Role of legal (What does a CISO need from Legal)
  • Guidance and advice, should have access to the corporate General Counsel
  • Legal must review response and communications plans as they are developed in the Crisis Management Plan
  • If ePHI is impacted, legal must take a leadership role to define the level of impact to the company and provide instructions to executive leadership on next steps

Biondo’s co-presenters at the event were John Riggi, Former FBI Section Chief for the Cyber Division outreach program and Brennan Wall, Legal Counsel of Thales InFlyt Experience